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milk&more eCommerce Consultancy

One of our larger clients, milk&more delivers milk and other groceries to nearly 1million UK households. An historically traditional service, milk&more went digital in 2009 with an online grocery shop to serve an increasingly web-savvy customer base. No more leaving cash out for your milkman or paying by cheque – now you can pay for your daily milk delivery by monthly direct debit and order bread, eggs and more online from your mobile when you’re short and it can be delivered as soon as breakfast tomorrow!



Where do we come in? Well, we have a dedicated in-house consultant managing the milk&more website on a day-to-day basis. A long term contract, this consultant provides the following services:

  • Monthly & Seasonal product promotion planning and implementation
  • Graphic Design for all site promotions, content, seasonal look&feel, all in conjunction with other marketing activity
  • Management of external agencies providing mobile-enabled web platform & site systems
  • Technical collaboration for sited development projects including functionality, usability and legal conformity – such as Food Information Regs, Consumer Contract Regs, Direct Debit and PCI compliance for online payment
  • Technical support to other marketing staff including managing customer data security, customer email newsletter campaigns, brand awareness, new customer acquisition strategy and planning



In short, we provide a full ‘staff member’ role who is able to act as a marketing team player and provide an essential bridge between marketing, IT, accounting, customer care and legal departments.

Most recently, over the last 12 months our consultant has managed the transition of web systems, requirements and branding transition as part of a wider in-house project team during the sale of the milk&more business from Dairy Crest to Muller UK & Ireland.